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New LED spotlights up to 200W

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Smd LED projector
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​In March we receive the new LYOPRO LED spotlights, model STAR SMD, with powers of 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W and 200W.

They have as common characteristics that they are manufactured in IP65 and IK08, making them ideal for outdoor use. Also, their power factor of 0.96, which indicates that there is virtually no loss between the energy consumed and the energy emitted.

Smd LED projector

In this family, we can highlight the 30W and 50W models available with presence sensor (useful for energy saving in passage areas) and in which we can adjust the lighting time to our needs between 10 seconds and 10 minutes. In this case, they are only IP44.

We can also highlight the 50W RGB STAR SMD spotlight that we can regulate the light intensity (dimmable) and also choose the color of the light (white, red, green or blue) by means of a remote control.

You can check the different models in the catalog that can be downloaded in this link.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional questions regarding these or any LYOPRO LED bulb you need. We will advise you on the best solution willingly.