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Professional audio and video cable

Tasker manufactures speaker cables, cables for musical instruments (guitar, etc.), microphone, DMX, multipair, ETHERSOUND, miniaturized, ..

You can download the analogue audio catalog by clicking on the link

Coaxial cables 75ohms RG59, for SAT / antenna, triaxial, multivideo, military standard (MIL), for WI-FI and RF, for HDTV-SI for CCTV, HDMI, etc.

Of a high quality and very low loss per meter.

You can download the video catalog by clicking on the link.

Flexible single-pole cables, polarized, shielded, shielded flat cables, NETBUS – LonWorks, for EIA RS 485, for EIA RS 422, LiYCY, coaxial RG military standard (MIL), plans for insulation drilling, …

You can download the electronic catalog by clicking on the link.

Telephone cable, LAN, cat.5e verified UL, cat.6a verified UL, cat.7 verified UL, komby LAN cables, …

You can download the Tasker cable catalog for data, telecommunications and networks by clicking on the link.

Professional audio and video connectors, for guitars and other instruments, musical mounted cables, audio and video broadcast cables, Neutrik connectors, HDMI, displays,

You can download the connectors and cables catalog by clicking on the link