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Speaker and balanced microphone cables. New Tasker models

Cable altavoz y microfono halogenos

CARRIZO ASESORES presents the new line of cables for speaker and balanced microphone whose insulators are LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), that is to say, they are constituted by a thermoplastic polymer flame retardant and with zero emissions of halogens.

They are extra-flexible cables useful both for indoor and outdoor installations, for both public and private applications that require special attention to fire prevention.

Cable altavoz y microfono halogenos

 All these cables can be assembled with the XLR Tasker connectors or the classic jacks, from which you can obtain the pdf in the link to the connectors and pre-made cables catalog.

We take this opportunity to remind you that in addition to Tasker professional audio and video cable, our product portfolio includes voltage transformers, Varta, Energizer and Duracell batteries, rechargeable batteries, MHB, Haze and Ritar batteries and photovoltaic solar energy equipment.

Ask us! You will be surprised!