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Low price 60×60 office led panels. AMAZING!

photo office panel

We have an INCREDIBLE offer to launch the new 60x60cm 40W led panels that will be valid until December 31st.

The launch price of these 60x60cm led panels in both cold (6000K) and neutral (4000K) light is:

21,20 eur/ud (VAT NOT incluided)

Like all the LED lamps that we sell, they are of a quality that is difficult to overcome: the power factor of 0.98 and a lumens / watt efficiency of 88% highlight (you will not find these values easily in the market).

Pantalla led 60x60 de 40W

The detailed characteristics of both led panels for office lighting are:

Caracteríticas panel led 20140
Caracteríticas panel led 20141

If you need more information, or contact us about the rest of the range of led bulbs and led lamps, please contact us. We will advise you on our best option.