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New LED downlights from LYOPRO

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ZEUS 18W Aluminum downlight colored ring
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This February, new products are included in the catalog of our partner in the distribution of lamps and LED bulbs; both in downlights, as in LED panels, as in LED tubes, in industrial LED lamps and LED strips by meters.

Led Downlights ZEUS 18W

In this section, the new 18W Zeus downlight stands out. Thanks to its innovative design, it has an easily replaceable aluminum outer ring with different finishes available (Gold Red, Chrome, Black …) offering a greater possibility of personalization.

Downlight Zeus 18W con aro intercambiable y color ajustable
Aro aluminio colores de downlight ZEUS 18W

Another novel aspect of this LED downlight is the fact that you can choose the type of color between Warm (3000K), neutral (4000K) or cold (6000K) to your desire with just a switch.

Imagen diseño enganche adaptable del downlight ZEUS

In addition, this innovative design includes a coupling adaptable to pre-existing holes with diameters between 55 and 175mm

LED downlights for premises: Privilege, Genesis and Orion.

This February we also present the downlight for premises or rooms with high ceilings of high lumens and high power: Privilege in powers of 20W and 1800 lumens or 40W and 3600 lumens, and Genesis in power of 60W and 5400 lumens.

As well as the Orion downlight of 7W and 520-560 lumens of small diameter of 90mm.

You can download the new led lighting catalog 2019 from LYOPRO from the following link.

And as always, do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find what you need or do not know which option is the most appropriate for your requirements. We will advise you on the best solution willingly.