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LED bulbs, LED downlights, LED lamps...

We have a wide range of dichroic led bulbs in powers of 3W, 6W and 8W both with transparent screen, as opal or with the most efficient COB technology.

In addition highlight the references 10314, 10311 and 10317 for installations with light intensity regulation (dimmables)

Candle-shape led bulbs for E14 sockets in powers of 5W and 7W.

We offer a wide range of spherical LED bulbs for screw caps E14 and E27, with a wide range of power options ranging from 5W to 19W.

There is also available a 10W model (equivalent to a conventional 100W bulb) with a photosensitive sensor that turns the light on or off depending on whether it is day or night. Ideal to not worry about turning on and off those garden or front door lamps of your house.

We have a wide range of reflector bulbs for screw caps E14 and E27, with a range of powers ranging from 6W to 19W.

Light bulbs with COB led filament that makes the bulb have a more decorative and traditional style.

Foto lámpara con bombilla filamento COB

They are available in powers ranging from 4W to 8W in both candle-shape and spherical format and in E14 and E27 sockets.

Very wide assortment in both round and square recessed downlights with powers ranging from 3W to 24W. For downlights with cutting diameters between 68mm and 273mm, and square downlights from 68x68mm to 270x270mm.

They are available with white frame and silver frame.

An interesting fact is that the power factor (P.F) of all our downlights is equal to greater than 90. This means that the power consumed is practically the one used. Our competition does not normally indicate it because it is usually less than 80, that is, it consumes approximately more than 15% in energy compared to ours.

We also include in our catalog a wide range of LED downlights for surface mounting both round and rectangular.

The height of these downlights is all 35mm.

Like its brothers, the recessed led downlights, the power factor is equal to or greater than 90.

They are available in powers of 6W, 12W, 18W and 24W.

Recessed led panels for office in square format (60x60cm) and rectangular (120x30cm and 120x60cm) finished in white and powers between 48W and 70W.

We also supply accessories such as:

  • Frames for surface mounting instead of recessed panels.
  • Staples for fixing the recessed panel.
  • Cable kit to mount the panel suspended from the ceiling. (ideal for locals with very high ceilings).

T8 led tubes of standard lengths of 600mm, 1200mm and 1500m. With power consumption of 10W, 18W and 24W.

We also provide you with the bridge that replaces the primer of your old tube or if you want, the IP65 waterproof screen to place one or two LED tubes.

We highlight the wide range of LED projectors with powers ranging from 10W (100W halogen) to 200W (2000W halogen).

They are available in different finishes: black, steel and white

There is even a model of 30W (≥300W), 2500 lumens and 6000K (cold light) with photoelectric cell.

250W led projectors (≥2500W, 27500 lumens) that can be linked together to make poles up to 10,000W LED (≥100,000W)

They are ideal for lighting large areas such as parking, tennis courts, paddle courts, football or soccer fields.

In addition, they are guaranteed for 5 years.

We have two finishes: black and white

LED bulbs are available for 80W and 120W industrial power displays using E40 sockets. We also sell the diffuser screen in case you need to replace the existing one or for a new installation.

We supply 24V led strips both in rolls and meters and we have a cutting and preparation service for both the profiles and the LED strips.

We also sell the necessary accessories:

  • Remote control + Control for managing RGB LED strips.
  • Amplifiers needed for when very long strips of LEDs are mounted.
  • Power sources
  • Connectors needed to facilitate the union of leds